Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Diggler - Green Dirt Dawg - Scooter

  • Oversized Aluminum Skateboard Platform
  • Ovalized Hi-ten Steel Frame,Big 16" Wheels with All Terrain Tires,Front & Rear Linear-Pull (V-type) Brakes
  • Suspension Fork, Skid-plate,42" Wheelbase
  • Adjustable Handlebar Height 36"-39"
  • Platform: 7" Height, 21" Length, 7.5" Width

Product Description
The Diggler DIRT DAWG is captivating everyone; kids, adventure racers and even dog owners (think dog sledding without the snow). Oversized skateboard platform, powerful mountain bike brakes, big air filled off road tires, and a suspension fork are just a few of the brawny traits carried over from Diggler's founding ski resort line, the Original Mountain ScooterTM. Take the Dirt Dawg where no other scooter has gone before. Great for those bumpy neighborhood sidewalks, rough streets, gravel, grass and more. Feel confident that you can stop on a dime with our powerful mountain bike brakes. All Diggler Scooters are inspired by the sport and built for adventures in the real world. Durable construction and rugged features add up to a safe, controllable and fun ride! They are a perfect blend of bike & board! Founded in 1999, Diggler Inc., LLC is a privately held company based in Petaluma, California and holds the worldwide rights to the Diggler brand. Diggler Inc. is home to the Original Mountain ScooterTM as well as a super popular line of Dirt Dawg and Dirt Doggy scooters for kids. Diggler also produces urban mushing dog scooters, and high end Diggler branded electric scooters. Diggler has won numerous awards including, Parenting Magazine's, "Toy of the Year," Camp Business Magazines, "Top Programming Idea," and has been featured on CNN Money, Fortune Small Business Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, Time, and Sports Illustrated for Kids.

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